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Whether you are an individual or a business, the importance of managing your money and financial affairs cannot be overstated. Not only is money important in the present, but it is a vital consideration for the future and careful planning is required to ensure that it will be there when it is needed.

The world of finance and money can often be a confusing place for those unfamiliar with it, full of baffling terms and complicated mathematics. However when broken down to its basics it is often much easier to understand, and there are always financial experts available whose job it is to explain things and provide advice based upon your particular circumstances and means.

The term finance is a broad one which covers a variety of different areas. This includes credit and forms of borrowing such as loans or mortgages, saving money which is left over after all expenditure in a bank account or other form of savings like an ISA, putting aside and growing the funds for your retirement in the form of a pension, investing in stocks and shares, taking out insurance to cover certain mishaps or negative events, how to work out how much tax to pay, and much more. The financial world is so vast that it is beneficial to break it down into specific topics such as these, which is the aim of this website.

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